Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Common Room: The Latest on the FLDS/child custody story

The Common Room has the latest on the FLDS/child custody story.

I would like to preface my comments by stating the obvious: I do not approve of polygamy or underaged marriage.

But I have a lot of questions about this story.

All 416 kids were taken from the parents on the suspicion that the environment was detrimental to them.

It turns out that the woman who made the original call was arrested for giving a false report to the police. Rozita Swinton wasn't even a member of the cult.

And now all these kids were taken away from their parents?

It could be true that there were cases of forced and underaged marriage. Was it the case for all the families? Was there a danger for all the girls? I wonder. Should the whole community be targeted for this?

And what about the reports of boys being shunned, excommunicated and apparently kicked off the ranch for minor offenses? Shouldn't CPS be investigating that as well? I have said that I consider it a moral obligation to love one's children,and that a parent is responsible for one's child. Where is the parental responsibility in all this? Kicking out boys for bad behaviour should not be tolerated. If the kids are unruly, do like the rest of us and seek professional help. Don't kick them out of the house.

And I have another issue: if polygamy is illegal, wouldn't these people NOT have registered with the state? If their marriages are not registered with the state, how is what they're doing illegal? Is sleeping around with different women and setting up house with them illegal? How is that illegal? If swingers can swap wives, why can't polygamists be left alone? Maybe there's something I'm missing here.

By the way, it is reported that some of the children are Canadian.

I wonder if their rights as Canadians are being protected.

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