Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Cruelty of the Anti-Fetus Crowd

The pro-aborts love satirizing pro-life people.

They love satirizing the belief that life begins at conception. They bowl over laughing at their own jokes, at the idea that you can really love an unborn child.

Bethany, a moderator at Jill Stanek's Blog posted some pictures of her 6 week-old miscarried unborn child.

And what did some pro-abort yahoo do? Why he photoshopped the pictures and sent them to her, with lots of sarcasm added, including "enjoy your child...he looks delicious!"

Nice touch, folks.

But what can I say? "Fetuses are not that important". Except when the woman says they are.

Except when it challenges abortion. Then neither the woman nor the fetus is important.

(Edited to mention that the baby was miscarried).

UPDATE: The feminists at JJ's blog are just oozing with sensitivity on the issue:

JJ writes:

But it's a tough old world out there -- you want to advocate the curtailment of womens' rights? You get what's coming to you. Resisting *by any means necessary* includes bombardments of warped humour.

Yeah, the ends justifies the means.


Ok, take pictures of your miscarriage? And then SHARE THEM?!? For fuck sake, that's just bizarre, totally creepy, insane...need I go on?

Yeah, beacuse you love your unborn child and want to show him to the world. Really, uh, creepy. Sure Prole.

JJ again:

Something is radically wrong with these people.

Yeah. Really wrong with wanting to legitmize the relationship between mother and unborn child.

I guess Joyce Arthur is the only one who feels that a woman has the right to determine the value of the fetus. The rest of them seem to think that the fetus is of no value whatsoever. You know, that "fetuses are not that important".

UPDATE (April 16th, 11:00 am)

How predictable. Canadian Cynic piles it on.

And Bethany? Truth be told, your miscarried fetus doesn't look all that appealing. It needs more garnish.

I recommend parsley.

What's with the eating fetus meme among the pro-aborts?

But what do you expect from a guy who said of a mother mourning her soldier son "F*ck Wanda Watkins".

Pretty Shaved Ape has it partially right:

Unfortunately someone took it in their head to take the photos and prank them. Putting aside how deeply fucked up it is go rooting through the discharge of a miscarriage to take pictures of an embryo (evidently named Blessing), it is pretty damned wrong to alter the photos for the purpose of hurtful comedy or politics.

Tell that to CC, there PSA.

That sort of thing is no different that plastering trucks with gory shots of aborted fetuses or harassing women with gore porn posters and flyers at clinics.

Yeah, that's real harrassment. Holding up a sign. Ooh. Protect me.

It is also counter productive as a political statement as we on the pro-choice side of the fence will forever be branded as the cruel devils that mock a crazy woman's pain. The hundreds of prayers and inarticulate protestations at Stanek's blog are testament to that. Strange that they do not share their rabid pro-life sentiments when it comes to the lives of physicians or clinic workers.

Grossly untrue. But whatever.

However the best we ever see from the anti-choice zealots is a disavowal of the clinic bombers, doctor killers and other terrorists in their own ranks, it isn't us, they say.

And Right to Life organizations condemn violence. But this condemnation is conveniently dismissed for political reasons.

Bethany explains in the comments why she posted those pictures. Go see, there's a lot to read:

Two weeks later, I decided that these pictures would be beneficial for other women who had had a miscarriage, but were not able to see their baby (many women have a D & C and are not ever able to see their baby), and were curious as to what their baby would have looked like. I was met with literally hundreds of emails from women, once I posted the pictures, who were telling me how thankful they were that someone had shown them these pictures, so that they could finally see for themselves what the baby looks like that young, and have a sense of closure about their miscarriage loss.

Yeah. Real f*cked in the head.

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