Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feminists: if you're not a feminist, you don't care about women

Someone should tell feminists to stop speaking for all women.

April Reign writes:

the same people that are so very concerned with women’s choice and safety are the same people that cheered and jeered as the SWC was stripped of it’s right to advocacy work.

Only a feminist would think this.

Feminists think that all women should walk in lock-step with their ideology. They care so much for women, that any woman who disagrees with them is an enemy of women's rights.

That's right. They are all-knowing about women's rights, what women want and should have.

And anyone who says differently is an opponent of women's rights, an oppressor, a tool of patriarchy and someone who essentially wants to enslave women.

Nevermind that some of the very people who oppose many of their tenets are women themselves. For feminists, these women are either dumb or greedy for power.

As if non-feminist women would work towards their own marginalization! Women are collectively that stupid, until they're turned on to feminism.

Even if 75% of Canadian disagree with them, they know better. They know what's good for them. They're enlightened.

Non-feminists who disagree with them can't speak up for themselves or fight for themselves. These poor, unenlightened masses need feminists as saviours to come to their rescue and tell them what they need (and by extension, what they should want).

And the ones touting the innocuousness of Bill C-484 are those who regularly commit themselves to having women’s uteruses declared government property.

As opposed to those who oppose the bill who say: if you lose a fetus to a crime, too bad! It's only an aggravating factor, not a crime in itself. If you want the culprit brought to account, you're an enemy of women's rights. Your dead unborn child isn't important enough to have legal status. If your desire for legal recognition of your dead unborn child means we feel abortion rights are threatened, too bad for you! You'll just to have to suffer the injustice. It's all for the "greater good". We know better.

It's about time women tell these feminists where to get off.

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