Thursday, April 10, 2008

Less than one month away from the March for Life--UPDATED

I would like to remind all pro-lifers reading that the March for Life in Ottawa will take place on May 8th, starting at noon on Parliament Hill. Please make the necessary plans for transportation. If you need a ride, please contact your local pro-life organization, there are many buses coming from all over Ontario (and maybe even a few from Quebec).

Can't make it to Ottawa? There are Marches for Life across the country. Please contact your local right-to-life organization for more details. I know that there are Marches for Life in the following cities;

St. John's


Fredericton-- May 7th starting at 12:30 at the Legislature.


Windsor, ON--- pro-life information was messaged to me....

Silent Walk and Vigil
Leamington Hospital
April 20th & 3:15pm gather at back entrance to "Gabriell's" Talbot St., Leamington and walk to Leamington Hospital.

May 11th
Windsor Essex County March for Life
2:30pm gather at Mic Mac Park, Prince Rd., Windsor
speakers, prayers and song
Walk to Western Hospital



Regina (May 2nd at 1:00pm in front of the Legislative Buildings)

There's none that I know of in Alberta or Quebec...isn't it that they had a March for Life?

Spread the word, folks!

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