Monday, April 28, 2008

More feminist fear-mongering about C-484

The problem with feminist objections towards Bill C-484 is that they're not based on what the law actually says.

For example, Birth Pangs says that if Bill C-484 passes, any attempt extra-medical abortion would become illegal.

But that's not true.

The law is plainly clear. If there is a termination of pregnancy, the bill does not apply.

The Michigan law they cite is a bill that criminalizes any action toward a pregnant woman.

Bill C-484 does not do that.

The Texas Law they cite does not allow for the woman's consent. Bill C-484 is plainly clear: if there is a termination of pregnancy, there can be no prosecution.

The people who drew up the law foresaw the potential objections of people who support legalized abortion. That's why feminist objections do not carry any substantive weight. That's why they have to resort to bogus arguments, like that it would introduce a "type of personhood"-- as if our legal system has several types.

It's really simple: if a criminal deprives a woman of a wanted fetus, it should be a crime.

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