Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Patent dishonesty from Feministe

Jill from Feministe writes:

The anti-choice mentality is about more than just restricting abortion — it’s about a broader mentality that does not believe women should have a right to make their own reproductive decisions. It’s about thinking that the state should be permitted to exercise control over whether or not women give birth. And as that mentality continues to rear its ugly head here through the latest Supreme Court decision and strings of anti-abortion-rights and anti-contraception measures proposed in individual states, it’s in full force in China, where women are forcibly sterilized, put on long-term birth control, and forced or coerced into terminating pregnancies:


What’s too often left out of the abortion debate is that choice goes both ways. A government that has the right to force you to give birth also has the right to force you to terminate your pregnancy, or to forcibly ensure that you never get pregnant in the first place. When anti-choicers promote forced pregnancy, they stand in solidarity with the anti-choice regime in China.

The dishonesty is ASTOUNDING.

"Standing in solidarity" with China?

Pro-lifers are among the most vocal critics of the forced abortions in China. Pro-lifers have been complaining about forced abortion for decade.

I remember going to a Campaign Life meeting where a Chinese refugee couple was present. The mother had worked for the Chinese Embassy and had become pregnant with her second child. She went into hiding and was able to safely give birth. She and her husband finally obtained refugee status. It was all pro-lifers who helped her.

What are feminists doing to stop forced abortions in China?

Some feminists even support the one-child policy in China.

The hyperbole and hysteria in feminist circles continues.

I note that she does not acknowledge that pro-lifers are trying to push for rights for the unborn child. Whereas China does not acknowledge any rights.

Sounds to me like China has more in common with feminists than it has with pro-lifers. Feminism and Chinese communism are both fruits of the same Marxist tree.

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