Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pickled Punk: a film about a fetus

This is a fetal rights blog. So naturally, I would blog about a film about a fetus. I have no idea if this film is good or bad, but I thought I'd put it out there:

Pickled Punk is the story of a 20-week old fetus preserved in formaldehyde that lands in the hands of a pair of Canadian yuppies. Pickled Punk (a prop Torrens found by Googling “fetus rentals”) lives in their home, acting as voyeur and conversation piece. She describes the 10 minute short as “a fantastical, realistic, cautionary tale,” but notes that the film makes no political statements. “The film has nothing to do with abortion. I knew that because the main character is a fetus there might be some people who would see it that way,” she said “but Pickled is a metaphor for aborted potential - or whatever anybody else might want it to be about.”


I actually don't mind that it's not supposed to be about abortion. The important thing is for the unborn child to make it into popular culture. This will help end his anonymity.

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