Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Tory: Do away with Section 13; overhaul libel laws

I don't often agree with Red Tory, but this time he's got it right.

I may well be overstating the case here, but consider that simply calling him a “censorship champion” was regarded by Warman as defamatory pursuant to the libel action he filed against FreeDominion last year… Granted, there were plenty of other more highly creative epithets (e.g., a “felching fecalphiliac” being one of the more amusing ones) singled out for mention, but at the same time these were freely intermixed with other allegations that any reasonable person would likely deem to be fair comment. Quite ironically, one of them was that a commenter accused Warman of “attacking free speech” and another that he was “childish and looking for attention.” Hmmm. If such relatively harmless remarks are considered “libelous” then I’d venture to suggest that ALL bloggers are potentially at risk.

No kidding.

Bloggers, you might think this doesn't apply to you. Don't be so sure. If you've ever called another blogger a negative name, or attempted to ridicule your political opponents, you could be liable.

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