Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Shameful History of Eugenics in Canada

Buckdog tries to disculpate Tommy Douglas from his eugenic past.

While it's true that Tommy Douglas never enacted sterilization legislation, it's a fact that eugenics was considered progressive once upon a time.

The recent work of scholars such as Daniel Kevles, Diane Paul, Edward Larson, and Mark Adams, however, suggests that this view is one-dimensional. They have shown that eugenics appealed to U.S. Progressives, Fabian socialists, Soviet biologists, population control advocates, and birth control activists like Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes, not just jack-booted Nazis. In Canada, feminists such as Emily Murphy and Nellie McClung campaigned vigorously for the passage of eugenic sterilization legislation in Alberta.


Were Nellie McLung and Emily Murphy "haters"?

Good question.

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