Saturday, May 03, 2008

Amazing stories at Auschwitz: a baby who survived, and a heroic midwife

I found this blogpost about a woman named Angela Polgar, who was born at Auschwitz.

It is the most amazing story. The mother, Vera, managed to hide the pregnancy at a time when the Nazis sent pregnant women to the gas chambers. Vera even refused an abortion at eight months by a Jewish/Hungarian Gynecologist who was interned there. Vera managed to give birth and save the baby, keeping her alive long enough before the Soviets liberated Auschwitz. When the baby was born, she was so weak, she couldn't cry, which probably saved her from detection.

I didn't see a reference for that particular blog post, so I did some googling. It was posted on, a well-known Jewish website, and they credit CanWest News for the story.

While I was googling the story, I happend upon this article, about a Polish Catholic midwife named Stanislawa Leczynska. She was also imprisoned at Auschwitz and helped deliver babies in the camp. The Nazis wanted to save the mothers for labour, but get rid of the babies. She says in her memoir that of all the babies born in Auschwitz, only about 30 survived.

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