Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Coalition Party maps path to success

From The Interim:

Ontario’s Family Coalition Party announced a “Contract With Ontario,” “A Path to Success” and a four-year organizational renewal plan at its annual convention, held in Mississauga on April 12.

Leader Giuseppe Gori said afterwards the measures were part of an effort to show politically disinterested citizens, who are staying away from polling booths in droves, another kind of politics in the province – “one that is principled and not dirty. We can and must strive for a society that is both free and value-based.”

The Contract With Ontario incorporates 12 points: “We will not breach your trust and we will uphold the truth; we will govern according to moral principles, defending life, freedom and property; we believe in the value and dignity of the human person over and above material goods, ideologies and corporate entities; we will defend the traditional family as the first government where children are educated in knowledge, wisdom and responsibility; we believe any government above the family is delegated and must be chosen through fair and democratic elections; we will maintain an optimum amount of government and avoid government duplication of what individuals, families, associations, groups and businesses can do; we believe an optimum amount of government can greatly improve the economic environment and thus, the standard of living, employment levels, and wealth creation; we believe people have free will and are called to exercise it; we believe people are dignified by employment; we believe people fully develop their potential by self-employment; we believe competition and high standards drive excellence; we do not believe in government or corporate monopolies.”

The organizational renewal plan, presented by party president Lynne Scime, included a re-branding of the party, a reorganization of the central office, the establishment of regional councils, policy consultation, party training, candidate recruitment and training, the use of municipal elections as “dry runs” and the fighting of the 2011 provincial election campaign.

Gori said the party maintains life issues as its number one priority, followed by family issues, health care expenses and education. “Our direction has not changed since 1990. We have life as the number one priority and we keep going. We’re looking to the future and we keep doing well.”

Federal Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray was the guest speaker at the evening dinner.

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