Sunday, May 18, 2008

Harvey Karman is dead

Who is Harvey Karman and why should you care?

Harvey Karman is the inventor of the cannula, the small tube through which unborn babies are sucked out during an abortion.

I think it's important the those who struggle for fetal rights remember history-- the history of those who advanced fetal rights, and those who thwarted it.

I note that Harvey Karman was not a trained medical doctor. He was a psychologist by training.

And when he went to Bangladesh:

He said the team visited outlying villages and taught midwives, village chiefs, young girls, "anybody who wanted to learn," how to use the cannula for an abortion.

Teaching uneducated people, with no medical training, how to do abortions. And what happens if there is a complication?

What quackery.

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