Thursday, May 08, 2008

March for Life round-up

I will be posting here news, blogposts, etc of the various Marches for Life that were held across Canada this week.

Largest Canadian March for Life Ever - 8,000 Attend Massive Rally on Parliament Hill

SoCon or Bust has posted some pictures. He also did some live blogging during the speeches.

A quick article about the March for Life in Fredericton that took place yesterday.

Stand Your Ground was also at the March in Fredericton.

The Western Catholic Reporter on the March for Life that took place in Edmonton on May 4th.

Bill Whatcott gives his account of his experience at the Edmonton March for Life. Has pictures.

A quick blurb from Radio-Canada on the March in Ottawa.

I will update this post when I get more links.


Louise McKeen of the CHP took pictures at the Halifax March for Life. Judging from the pictures, the pro-aborts were once again trying to shut down the pro-lifers. That's so typical of them. They're so afraid of the pro-life message, they have to squelch it, not answer it.

UPDATE May 9th 9:40 am

This article recounts the confrontation between pro-life and pro-abort factions in Halifax, but fails to mention it was during the March for Life.

Halifax Chronicle-Herald coverage.

ProWomanProLife mentions the media blackout at CBC radio. I saw a 5-second report on the local CBC Ottawa News and the CTV local news.

Deborah Gyapong gives her report on the March for Life in Ottawa.

UPDATE at 10:00 AM

Charles Leblanc provides pictures of the Fredericton March for Life.

UPDATE: at 11:13 AM

Short article in the Ottawa Sun.

UPDATE at 11:47 PM

Stand Your Ground has an eye-witness report from the Halifax March for Life.

Terry O'Neil at the Western Standard is upset at the lack of media coverage.

MAY 10th

UPDATE at 12:12 PM

Pictures from the March for Life in Fredericton.

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