Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A new movement: alterfeminism

I was just browsing my facebook groups when I came upon this French group dedicated to "alterfeminism".

Alterfeminism is the kind of feminism that a lot of Catholic, pro-life so-called "feminists" would appreciate. (Oh, I am so going to get comments for putting that in quotes, but that's the truth-- orthodox Catholics aren't real feminists).

I do not in any way consider myself an "alterfeminist". I agree with a lot of the main ideas, but I think there's just too much liberalism and modernism in these movements to really satisfy me. However, if other pro-life feminists want to join the cause, I'm all for it. I'm for leaving the "feminist" label to the feminists. I rejected that label many years ago because I no longer wished to be associated with a movement that denies the equality of the unborn child and other basic teachings of my Church. I wish more pro-life feminists would make the same choice.

Alterfemninism is far more compatible to Catholic teaching. I suspect Pope John Paul II might be considered an "alterfeminist".

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