Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Planned Parenthood sued for $50 million for botched abortion

Washington, DC ( -- A Planned Parenthood in the District of Columbia is the subject of a new lawsuit from the mother of a teenager injured in a botched abortion. The abortion involved a teenager who was a victim of rape and the abortion left her with significant medical problems.

Emma Jean Butler took her daughter Shantese Butler to Planned Parenthood Metropolitan on September 7, 2006 for an abortion after Shantese was a victim of sexual assault.


The abortion resulted in severe abdominal bleeding, severe vaginal injury, severe injury to the cervix, significant uterine perforation, and a small bowel tear. As a result of the injuries, Butler will be unable to have biological children the rest of her life.

One more time: Abortion is a shady business.

Which side do you suppose the radical feminists will side with? The sexual assault victim who had her uterus perforated, or the so-called "non-profit" abortion business that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year?

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