Tuesday, May 27, 2008

VIDEO: A prostaglandin abortion-- watch it if you dare know the truth!

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has prepared another video explaining what a prostaglandin abortion is.

A prostaglandin abortion is a technique used on babies in the latter stages of pregnancy. In Canada, after the second trimester, you can get a dismemberment abortion or a prostaglandin abortion. After 20 weeks, it's often a prostaglandin abortion, because it can be difficult to dismember a baby at this point.

A specialist in fetal medicine by the name of Dr. Byron Calhoun will pull out a fetus who was killed by a prostaglandin abortion. The body is intact but blackened by the bruising of the contractions. The contractions of a prostaglandin abortion are violent enough to kill.

I would also like to underscore that in order to make sure that the baby is not born alive, the abortionist will stick a needle in the heart of the baby and inject a drug. I know for a fact that it's usually either potassium chloride or digoxin.

Expect the hardcore abortion crowd to deny the images and facts presented to them. They never seem to want to show their version of what a fetus looks like after an abortion. How quaint. They're not anxious to provide evidence of their assertions.

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