Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We can do this in Canada, too

Pro-lifers, we can make a difference-- all you have to do is get off your butts!

Although the pro-life movement looked like a loser among American political movements, I believe it made a significant difference in the culture. Russia lacked a significant pro-life movement, while America's pro-life movement possessed a determined vibrancy. The statistics reveal the results.

Since the pro-life movement never gave up, fewer children died from unnecessary abortions in the United States than in Russia. Thousands of pro-life pregnancy resource centers sprang up to offer pregnant girls and women the pre-natal and post-natal care needed when they had no one else to help. Pro-lifers continued to press the argument that pre-born children were human beings; as a result, most Americans came to believe that unnecessary abortions were murder even though they did not want to outlaw the procedure. Simply believing that abortion was unethical played a role in keeping the abortion rates lower.

(I would say belief is not enough-- acting on that belief is essential-- but look at the results in the US).

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