Saturday, May 24, 2008

When to vote for a pro-abort politician

From Judie Brown's blog:

Let's close our eyes for a moment and think about it. Can you imagine standing before the chorus of millions of preborn babies who are with God in eternity because their lives were cut short by abortion, and saying to them,

I am sure you can understand that while I was personally opposed to abortion on earth, I never wanted to impose my beliefs on anyone. I had no problem supporting powerful people who worked very hard to make sure that people like you could continue to be killed, if that is what their mothers wanted. Abortion should be legal for those people, and so I voted for those who agreed.

Maybe the scene would be a bit different from that or the argument more nuanced, but the bottom line would be the same. And if that is so, I cannot imagine how anybody could make such a statement, with a straight face, to the millions of aborted children, can you?

Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin looked at this question as well, and when he wrote about it, he asked, "What kind of reason would be needed to vote for a pro-abort candidate for president? Something unimaginably huge."

I would like to add: the Family Coalition Party is Ontario's only pro-life party. If you want a surefire pro-life vote, vote for us. No other party is standing up for the unborn.

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