Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Australia: The contrived outrage over Baby Samuel pic

From Australia:

MP's fetus image email outrages colleagues

DLP Upper House MP Peter Kavanagh yesterday emailed all state MPs an image of a then 21-week-old fetus being operated on.

The fetus appears to be holding the hand of a medico, who was performing life-saving surgery. The fetus was not being aborted but was used by Mr Kavanagh as evidence that life does not start at birth.

Mr Kavanagh received several responses.

Liberal MP Ken Smith was furious the image was sent, adding that only "a very sick man" would use the operation to back his case.

"I just can't believe he could send that stuff around," Mr Smith said.

"It looks so awful. It's no way to present an argument; it turns out it's a premature baby. I just find what he's done is despicable."

Give. Me. A. Break.

How squeamish do you have to be to freak out over a hand reaching out of a uterus?

It's a "premature baby" huh? Guess what. They abort them. They take a needle full of potassium chloride, then they stick it in the baby's heart.

In "premature babies" just like him.

That's what he should be freaked out about.

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