Tuesday, June 10, 2008

St. John's murder victim was nine months pregnant

Amanda Power was almost due when she was killed.

But do feminists care about the baby that was lost?


Any attention to the baby "distracts" from the woman's murder.

As if "caring" is a zero-sum game.

"One body, one count" they say.

As if that nine-month fetus is a nothing.

Watch how they treat anyone who cares about the loss of that baby as a "fetus fetishist". You know, because nobody can seriously love a baby at nine months gestation. And anyone who seriously thinks that a baby that advanced should be legally acknowledged is some bigoted misogynist hellbent on returning women barefoot and pregnant to the kitchen.

It burns me.

They value abortion over a baby.

UPDATE: Ho-hum. We're "vultures" for caring about the fact that there were two victims in this crime. Again, the zero-sum fallacy about "caring". They write about my post, and don't even bother to address the issue which is that LOSING AN UNBORN CHILD IS A TRAGEDY IN AND OF ITSELF.

Note the absence of any substantive documentation for the spurious statements SHE makes.

Hard to prove a negative, as in a complete lack of regret and concern over the second victim of this crime.

Proving my point. Feel the compassion for the loss of the unborn child from their side.

They do not understand that losing a nine-month-old unborn baby is a tragic loss that should be acknowledged as a crime in and of itself by our legal system.

Watch how they will sarcastically belittle the concern for teh babies, as they will put it. Their reactions are that predictable.

But according to the screed from a certain abortion criminalizing blogger, feminists do not care about Amanda Power or her pregnancy or her death.

Actually, I never said that they did not care for Amanda Power.

I said that they do not care about their unborn child. A being whose existence they continue to brush over. I love how they call her unborn child: "her pregnancy". They can't bring themselves to acknowledge that an unborn baby was killed. Their wording speaks to their lack of heart.

I am 34 weeks pregnant. I am not carrying a "pregnancy". I am carrying an unborn baby.

they have recruited grieving family members as props

What a load of crap. Those "recruited" family members started campaigning independently for an unborn victims of crime bill. They could not believe that our legal system does not acknowledge two victims when a pregnant woman is killed.

It is extremely insulting to the families of the victims to belittle their loss this way. They want this bill because they know what it's like to lose an unborn family member.

But then they don't get it's a loss, distinct from the woman. They do not get it and do not want to get it. All that matters to them is abortion, abortion, abortion. Nothing else. Not even a nine-month-old unborn child. That child must not be acknowledged, certainly not as a victim.

It's "one body, one count" as far as they're concerned. Even if it's obviously two bodies. They must cling to that fiction and try to divert attention away from that reality.

Reality is something that their ideology cannot live up to.

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