Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, I'm still alive. But very pregnant and I just don't have the mental energy to fight the culture war these days. I'm just kind of coasting...waiting for July 7th. That's the day my daughter gets legal rights. Okay, so I had the energy for that one little jab.

Right now I'm in that last awkward stage of pregnancy where I do the Itchy and Scratchy show all over myself. It's called pruritis. I just cannot stop scratching all over myself. I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom and get some Hydrocortisone cream. I'm not sure if it'll do the trick-- it's the non-prescription variety.

I'm still a little stressed about names. I have so many restrictions-- has to be bilingual, has to sound good in both languages, has to match my husband's last name, etc etc. It's easier with the first because you just choose the first name that seems good. Well this is my third and it's hard to find name that fits the bill.

They say a fetus is a blob of tissue. Frankly, I feel like the blob of tissue. I just feel like sitting down and not going anywhere. Unfortunately, when I do that, I start having contractions-- very painful ones. I have to get up and start walking around. It makes it difficult to fall asleep. I sort of knit together whatever sleep I can get, especially when hubby isn't asleep himself. It's nice to be able to roll over in bed in all freedom.

He finishes work on Friday. Oh, sweet sweet parental leave.

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