Saturday, July 05, 2008

Facebook: not allowing pics of stillborn babies

It appears that facebook considers pictures of stillborn babies to be "offensive".

I'm not talking about pictures of bloodied or bruised aborted babies. I'm talking about pictures of babies who've died natural deaths. Apparently, women who want to share their grief and the pictures of their little angels may not do so on facebook.

I think this is atrocious.

When I consider some of the suggestive pictures I've seen on facebook, the notion that pictures of clean, dressed up, deceased babies is offensive is ridiculous to me.

I am prompted to write this brief note in the wake of my discovery of this group.

Who in the world would be offended by people sharing their grief, their stories and their pictures to other willing participants?

I've heard of other people who've been affected by this policy, too. I think these are people who are threatened by the notion that the unborn child is human, possibly because they've had their own abortion experience.

I realize that facebook is free to set their own policies. That doesn't mean that I don't consider this policy dumb and offensive to grieving parents.

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