Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fred Phelps Go Home

As Blazing Cat Fur reports, Fred Phelps is going to protest The Laramie Project in Red Deer, Alberta. Darren Lund, the man who launched the human rights complaint against Pastor Stephen Boisson, is going to counter-protest.

I am grossly offended by his message. I don't have to repeat it, you know what it is.

God loves everybody. It's such a rudimentary Christian belief. I simply cannot stand by silent while someone claiming to be Christian contradicts it.

God disapproves of all kinds of behaviour. The good news is that notwithstanding our sins, our weakness, our hatred, he loves us anyway. That is the whole basis for his willingness to sacrifice his life for all people. In our day and age, many relativists have forgotten God's Justice. It's right to underline that sins have supernatural consequences. Notwithstanding that truth, God's mercy is also great. It does not matter what a person has done: he is loved. God only wants repentance-- for our own Good. God cannot do anything but love. He could no more hate than he could disappear.

The only way to counteract against clowns like this is to spread the truth.

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