Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is this the best they can do?

JJ and the gang at unrepentant Old Hippie are clapping their hands in glee over the discovery that KLRVU Research-- the company that sponsored the latest Morgentaler poll-- is owned by the brother of pro-life MP Rod Bruinooge.

They're SURE that somehow, the fact it's owned by the brother of a pro-life MP automatically CHANGES the results.

Thirteen thousand households were contacted. Over 55% said they didn't want Morgentaler to get the award.

The only scam is the way the poor-choicers are trying to avoid the reality. This poll, with 13 000 respondents, is far more representative of the Canadian public's attide towards Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada than any other poll.

If anything, the fact that poll was read uniformly to every respondent is an advantage.

I've worked for three telephone survey companies, one upstart company that did surveys in malls, I also have experiencing in marketing food in supermarkets.

Small companies abound in this field. A small company is not an illegitamite one. The small company that did surveys in mall was basically a two- or three-person operation. The food marketing company I worked for was based in an office in Montreal, but my boss-- the area field manager-- ran her operations out of her garage.

They managed to get contracts from reputable companies notwithstanding the fact that their method of operation was very bare-bones at the base.

It's also not unheard of for people to run several businesses out of the same house.

That does not mean their business is not legitamite. When I moved into my house, the guy who ran the moving company that moved my furniture also had a business hauling junk.

These are all objections to skirt around the main point:

Canadians do not like the fact Morgentaler got the Order of Canada.

They are not as "solidly pro-choice" as supporters of legalized abortion would have us believe. If anything, they're very ambivalent about it.

It's obvious they're looking for reasons not to take this seriously. First they said the company was non-existent. Then they discovered it wasn't. Then they said the poll hadn't taken place. Then it was discovered that it was.

They will keep searching to find reasons not to want to address the poll itself. They don't want to. A poll of this size is difficult to dismiss.

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