Friday, July 25, 2008

More illiteracy over the poll that says 55% of Canadians disapprove of Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada

Lulu at Canadian Cynic:

Shorter SUZANNE: If I scream and yell and stamp my little feet while saying the same thing over and over and endlessly [bleep] over again, eventually this "Massive New Poll" will be taken seriously.

Like the way they think that if they talk about everything except the poll itself people will think we're commenting on the poll.

When you're talking about the poll firm, you're not talking about the poll, folks.

I keep having to repeat it, because it's a fundamental truth people are not addressing.

Just like they think that by talking about everything else except what actually happens during an abortion (i.e. a human being is killed) they think they're addressing the abortion issue.

Interesting how their minds think, huh?

They do that with abortion pictures, too. Talk about everything, call it fake, but never actually address what is going on in the picture. They think that's a really credible thing to do.

So let's go over the poll, one more time.

Over 157 000 households were contacted. There were 13 000 respndents. They were weighted for geographic density-- in other words, they were from all over the country.

The automated dialer phoned these households and asked whether abortionist Henry Morgentaler should received the Order of Canada. They pressed "1" for "yes" and "2" for no.

Over 55% responded "no". In some provinces, the opposition was about 2/3 of the population.

Pretty straightforward, huh?

Does it matter who commissioned or conducted the poll? No. Hand over the same poll to any large polling firm, apply the same methodology, and 19 times out of 20, the poll will get results within the 1.5% margin of error.

They want to say it can't possibly be honest because of who conducted and commissioned the poll.

They based that conclusion on prejudice. They have no facts to back up that assertion.

They jump to conclusions first, then try to make the facts fit their story, and if they don't, they change their story.

And the worst thing is, they don't understand how bad that looks. They think they're just the epitome of credibility.

So yes, I will continue to press on the real issue and continue to remind readers that the poll is sound, they just don't like it.

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