Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OHRC: Quebec separatist files complaint against Howard Galganov for spreading "hate literature"

Last month, in Russell Township, just outside Ottawa, the local Council voted a by-law to make commercial signs bilingual.

Howard Galganov, Anglo rights activist, distributed 5200 leaflets in the township expressing his opposition to the by-law. They were entitled "Boycott French-Owned Stores". (You may remember him as an ardent defender of Anglo rights in Quebec, when he lived there, several years ago).

In response to the leaflets, a militant Quebec separatist by the name of Gilles Rhéaume, who founded La ligue contre la francophobie canadienne (The League against Canadian Francophobia), laid a human rights complaint againt Galganov at the Ontario Human Rights Commission. He considers Galganov's leaflet to be "hate speech". He also laid a hate speech complaint with the OPP in Embrun.

However, Rhéaume got a response back from the OHRC in English only. Unhappy about the OHRC violating his rights(!!!), he filed another complaint with the French Language Services Comission.

And note: Rhéaume favour a unilingual French Quebec.

Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, Galganov vows to fight the sign law.

What the hell is a Quebec separatist doing laying human rights complaints and language complaints in Ontario???

And does this open up the floodgates for human rights complaints in Quebec (because Quebec separatists say all kinds of nasty things about Canadians and Anglos, trust me).

Just wondering.

Source: La Nouvelle: Elvis Gratton l’a bien dit…

Le Droit: Gilles Rhéaume dépose une deuxième plainte

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