Thursday, July 17, 2008

US Pediatric Nursing Journal Toys with Condoning Infanticide

When do babies have the right to life?

Have we learned nothing about killing in the name of "humanity"? The Nazis did that. I know that Godwin's law means that I "lose" the debate by stating this. But it's true nevertheless. They thought the most humane thing to do was kill the mentally retarded and people with other genetic disorders.

A baby who is suffering needs palliative care and pain relief-- not death. We don't do people a favour by killing them, especially when we do not know their wishes.

The whole idea of human rights, especially natural rights, is that they are inalienable: you cannot substitute your judgment for someone else.

But we've made human rights into our morality. And since morality is relative, human rights themselves have become changeable and subject to the political correctness of the day.

If it's all relative-- morality included-- then so are human rights.

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