Saturday, August 16, 2008

Egypt: Woman gives birth to septuplets

In Egypt, a woman gave birth to four girls and three boys after taking fertility medication because she had not ovulated in five years. And what prompted her to take such an extreme measure...

Her brother, who has followed the case from the very beginning, said she kept on trying to have children because they wanted to have a son.

In rural Egypt, sons are preferred to daughters.

Khamis Khamis, the brother, said that the family was astonished when they learnt about multiple pregnancy.

"We thought about an abortion but then we felt it's haram (religiously forbidden) so we said let God's will prevail," he said over the phone from Alexandria.

I love this part...

In March, President Hosni Mubarak blamed overpopulation for the acute shortages of subsidised bread that have hurt millions of the nation's poor, as has a lack of housing.

So the shortage of bread is caused by too many people existing, not by oh, say, drought, bad harvest, not enough farming, bad economy (can't afford bread), etc.

Who do you suppose is overbreeding in the country? Is it the rich? Somehow I doubt it...

This is what "population control" is all about: people are a burden to be eliminated.

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