Sunday, August 03, 2008

The myth that abortion solves all problems

Many people have a perception that having an abortion when faced with an unintended pregnancy, and that once you have one, life will go on as usual.

Proving once again this is not the case:

I am married with two children and unexpectedly found myself pregnant again. I told my husband I couldn't cope with another child - the burden would be too great - so I had a termination. Ever since my husband has been distant and moody. He refuses to discuss what happened and I think he blames me for getting rid of our baby but he agreed with my decision.

In the feminist discourse on abortion, men are not allowed to disagree with a woman's decision. Maybe he did agree, maybe he didn't. Or maybe he changed his mind.

The point is that male input, unless it's entirely supportive of the abortion decision, is not welcome. Men do have a stake in their unborn children. But feminists do not acknowledge or allow for that.

Unfortunately, many men have taken this stance as permission to engage in irresponsible behaviour. The woman becomes pregnant? That's her problem.

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