Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why abortion is chosen instead of adoption

Says Marilyn Baker:

I think that Canada needs a public policy that would put adoption on a level playing field with abortion. This would give pregnant woman a real choice if they don't want to keep their babies.

I don't think adoption education would significantly increase the number of adoption placements.

Young women choose to abort because they do not want the responsibility of giving birth and the legacy of having had a child in adolescence or young adulthood.

Giving away a baby is not a simple act. Of course you would remember that baby and pine for that baby. Sure, open adoptions exist, but you do not parent that baby.

Adoption is a loving choice. But adoption is not an easy choice.

Consider this: a teen gets pregnant. She carries a baby nine months. All the while she goes to school. Her schoolmates notice that she is pregnant she believes others are thinking: "you irresponsible slut why didn't you use contraception?" (And they might even say that to her). Then they find out that she will be placing the baby for adoption (because often teen girls talk to each other and the word gets out). They will wonder: "how in the world can you abandon your baby like that?"

She has to go through all that then give up the baby to another couple.

And then live with that legacy.

Put aside the morality of abortion, consider the pros and cons. Abortion seems like a more convenient solution.

Also, this does not do justice to the guilt women carry around about from having their abortion, but most teenagers don't know that.

As long as abortion is legal, I don't think there will be a significant increase in the number of adoption placements, even with an education campaign. Adoption placement does not address the psychological reasons for choosing abortion.

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