Saturday, August 23, 2008

Woman blogs her experience seeking an abortion at Planned Parenthood

From What to expect when you're aborting, on her trip to a Planned Parenthood office:

They give you walk-in pregnancy tests. $18 bones ($12.99 at your local drugstore. Not sure what the mark up is about. It’s not a blood test. I peed into a dixie up. Dixie cups, the HEIGHT of medical technology).

What a rip-off.

I asked to meet with a “Options Counselor”.

The O.C. was doctor, but one of these doctor’s whose speciality is apperantly aborting, not communication. In the waiting room I decided I would just get the pill asap. So when I asked what she believed the pros and cons were to doing the pill she busted:

“ do the surgical. Then you don’t have to do it alone.” Which is nice that they believe in the buddy system but didn’t do much to help me weigh my options.

After some pushing, she finally explained blurted out that I could hemorrhage and I would be alone. She said that they generally always recommend the surgery.

Pretty stark. I feel like she was hard-selling me on the surgery.

Made me feel helpless and uninformed.

And no, there's no comments box at that blog.

I just wonder why she feels the need the blog this.

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