Monday, August 18, 2008

A woman can kill her own baby by cutting the umbilical cord

A bit of a follow-up on the story of the Alabama woman accused of killing her unborn child.

Brebis noire, a regular commenter on this blog, expressed doubt that this might have been possible, as umbilical cords are normally located in the womb.

From a legal perspective, there may be details and technicalities that permit us to say that she did not commit manslaughter-- I am not familiar enough with the Alabama legal system nor the case to say for certain.

However, after doing some Googling, I found that it is plausible to kill an unborn baby that way, if the umbilical cord was prolapsed.

As you can see, it would not be implausible for a mother to take a sharp object and cut the umbilical cord. She may also have had someone else do it for her.

This kind of makes me think of partial birth abortion, actually. Another case where feminists do not consider half-born children as worthy of legal protection.

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