Saturday, September 06, 2008

How Sarah Palin chose her kids' names

I've noticed many people remark that Sarah Palin's children have weird names.

How did she choose them?

When she and Todd married and started a family, they named their first child Track, after the track and field season in which he was born. Sarah’s father jokingly asked what they would have named their son if he had been born during the basketball season. Without hesitation Sarah answered: “Hoop.”

Their first daughter, born in 1990, was named Bristol after the ocean bay where they fished. Willow was born in 1994, named after willow ptarmigan, Alaska’s state bird. Their youngest daughter, Piper Indy, came in 2001. She was named after the Piper Cub that Todd flies and the Polaris Indy snowmobile he drove in the first of his four victories in the Iron Dog snowmobile race, a gruelling 2,000-mile run from Wasilla to Fairbanks.

As for Trig? I read that it was a Norwegian word, but I'll have to double check.

UPDATE at 9:02PM: In the Sept. 15, 2008 issue of Newsweek, it is written that Trig's name is derived from two Norse words meaning "brave victory" and "true". ("Gov. Sarah Polin: Family Matters").

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