Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Religious Illiteracy of the Left: "Jesus was a community organizer"

One of Big Blue Wave's commenters has alerted me to this new catch-phrase of the left:

“Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontias Pilate was a Governor.”

She claims it came from Mudflats

It was also cited by Antonia Zerbisias at Bread n Roses. fern hill says "That is a terrific line".

Only to people who are religiously illiteratre.

Jesus a community organizer? What exactly did he organize? Sure, he founded the Church and appointed the apostles. And what else? Did he raise money? Did he crusade to provide healthcare? Run a soup kitchen?

When he needed money to pay the temple tax, he took it out of a fish. When the people were hungry, he multiplied loaves. When people were sick, he cured them.

How could he have organized communities when he drifted from place to place? About the most he did was send people to preach and appoint the apostles. If anything, there was very little that was organized about Jesus' fellowship. It was only once he left this earth that the church began to be organized.

Nice line. To people who are not acquainted with the Bible.

This line is a cynical use of religion. It betrays a secularist elitism that people in Middle America really hate. It reminds me of when people used to say that Jesus was a communist. It is a political ploy that is not even terribly deft, given that it's not based on any plausible interpretation of what is written in the Bible.

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