Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't know who to vote for? How about a fringe party?

The Jack of Hearts has done a blog series on Canada's fringe parties.

He did a really fantastic job. He concisely the history and policies of the lesser-known parties in this election. I'm really glad he did it.

One little "gem" of a party that I discovered is the People's Political Power Party of Canada.

There is a lot of things I like about this party. For one thing, it blends a lot of right-wing and left-wing policies. It refreshingly avoids predictable policies.

For instance. It wants to create more respect for women.

We will ban any form of dissection of the value of women, be it through pornography in any form, in prostitution, or in forcing women into sexual ventures in order to survive. We will deem, that obstacles to morality are criminal activities.

Education will be offered to the nation concerning the true beauty and value of motherliness in all women. This new respect of women will re-establish a new and beautiful environment – in the homes, in the communities and in the federation that is Canada. Marriage will be understood as a privileged union, with a result of the creation and protection of a child or children.

I can just hear my feminist readers barf as I write this.

On the other hand, they're a bit soft on the war on terror:

Terrorism will disappear because we will take the time to listen to the distress of others and find solutions for living peacefully. One’s faith is to be in moral value, seen through moral actions, rather than in the words one speaks.

They don't have a policy on abortion, but they sound like they could be pro-life. Given that there's no pro-life candidate in both of the ridings they're represented in...Winnieg-North and Riding: Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, they might be worth looking in to.

The thing that creeps me out a little about the party is that the leader seems to be creating a cult of personality...

Roger [Poisson] is a hard worker, who will listen to the less fortunate one, who is in most need of a family unit. To this day, not one politician in Canada since Confederation, has ever envisioned every member of this nation as his child, regardless of race, background, criminality, sexual orientation or religion. Not one man is greater than the other, neither heads of the churches, nor the heads of the nations. A family must be headed by a father that will devote his every breath to the well-being of his children.


That might be okay in the age of monarchs when the king was a kind of father, but that's just not quite right for democracies.

Still, I think his heart's in the right place.

And of course, there are many other parties to discover and read about, if only for trivia's sake.

Thanks Jack.