Saturday, January 31, 2009

But it's all about choice...except when it's not

Fern hill:

Here's my question: WTF is up with a woman who has six children being given fertility drugs?

I guess "her body, her choice" does not apply here.

And they wonder why we call them "pro-abortion"?


Secondhand Smoke has a really good post:

But when you think about it: How can there even be a question of laws and ramifications in this day and age? The door to realistic norms and binding ethical constraints has not just been unlocked over the last few decades, it has been torn off the hinges. In today's world, doctors are becoming less professionals and more order taking technicians. Want an abortion? Take a number. Want assisted suicide? Take a number. Want to invest $500,000 into your face with cosmetic surgery? Take a number. You want your children genetically tested before deciding whether they are worth having? Take a number. Get pregnant with three IVF embryos and only want one, take a number to "selectively reduce" the two you don't want so you can raise an only child. A single woman, without a job, who already has six kids and wants eight more? Take a number.

A lot of people will be angry about this. Her mother even defended the woman as not being "evil." But I don't see how she or her doctors can be condemned when the watchword of the era is terminal nonjudgmentalism with the only gauge of morality being "choice."