Thursday, January 22, 2009

Follow-Up: Christian Heritage Party leader reacts to the criticism of his last communique re: Barack Obama

In response to the criticism generated by this communique (see comments)CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk responded with a new message (on their Facebook group):

Jim Hnatiuk - Leader of the Christian Heritage Party

Communiqué Vol 16, No 02 Jan 21, 2009

The rest of the story...

The various reactions to yesterday's Communiqué have shown how, even the most sincere of people can differ in their perception of what is being communicated. Some agreed and some were opposed.

I think it's time for-as Paul Harvey says-"the rest of the story."

In my Communiqué of yesterday, my focus was towards the great leap forward in human rights that, with the history of racism in the United States, they have elected a black president. I see this as a positive step forward in the eradication of racism. Racism is something which the CHP also opposes.

I knew of Mr. Obama's views on abortion and I am vehemently opposed to them. I have given lectures to youth groups against partial birth abortions. I have shown adult groups videos to educate them on the evils of abortion. I have handed out pro-life material. I have held pro-life banners high, protesting in the street, while pro-abortion activists screamed in my face. I agree that ABORTION is the greatest human rights issue of all times.

One of the things the reaction to the first Communiqué showed is that people perceive things differently. Many people thought I was applauding President Obama. I was not! I was applauding the fact that America has put behind it generations of racial bias.

With the Communiqué, I was leveraging the North American fixation on the inauguration, linking it back to heroic Christian activists of history, and connecting the "freedom" theme with the CHRC atrocities.

At the CHP's leadership convention in London last November--held just after the American election--former CHP leader, Ron Gray, reminded delegates that Mr. Obama could not have been elected unless God allowed it; and he said now that Barack Obama is President, we have a responsibility to pray that God will give him wisdom.

I am aware of the many disturbing issues that President Obama brings to the White House. Even this morning's news includes reports that high on the new President's agenda is "hate crimes" legislation that would protect homosexuality from criticism or free and open debate.

So it's true that Americans have elected a man whose political associations and record are very worrisome; but in doing so, they have (we hope) written 'finis' to a shameful chapter of American history.

In any case, our trust and our hope is not in any man, but in the One who made the heavens and the earth.

I trust that you are reassured that I am not, nor would I, endorse President Obama's position on moral issues.