Friday, January 23, 2009

To Kill a Negro They Do Not Deem Murder

I am often criticized for comparing the abortion issue to the slavery issue, and feminism to white supremacy.

I know why I am crticized for it.

Because the critics do not acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child, in spite of the scientific proof.

The attitudes of feminists and their enablers truly are reminiscent of white supremacists of old.

Consider the words of Col. Samuel Thomas about white attitudes towards blacks. He was a Freedmen's Bureau official, who worked in the South after the Civil War.

Wherever I go- - the street, the shop, the house, or the steamboat- - I hear the people talk in such a way as to indicate that they are yet unable to conceive of the Negro as possessing any rights at all. Men who are honorable in their dealings with their white neighbors will cheat a Negro without feeling a single twinge of their honor. To kill a Negro they do not deem murder; to debauch a Negro woman they do not think fornication; to take the property away from a Negro they do not consider robbery. The people boast that when they get freedmen affairs in their own hands, to use their own classic expression, "the niggers will catch hell."

The reason of all this is simple and manifest. The whites esteem the blacks their property by natural right, and however much they may admit that the individual relations of masters and slaves have been destroyed by the war and the President's emancipation proclamation, they still have an ingrained feeling that the blacks at large belong to the whites at large, and whenever opportunity serves they treat the colored people just as their profit, caprice or passion may dictate.

Does this not remind you of the contemporary towards the unborn? Some assert that fetuses are their property. Embryos are frozen and destroyed, their bodies harvested for medical research, and sometimes even cosmetics.

Of course there are difference. The unborn can't steal or commit any other wrong.

But that lack of ability is only an excuse to not consider the truth.

Blacks are human beings who were considered non-human, and the property of whites.

The unborn are human beings who are considered non-human, and the property of women.

In the South: "to kill a Negro they do not deem murder."

In the Western World: "to kill a fetus they do not deem murder."

I know that some will say that there is a difference-- the unborn live inside the woman's body.

But since when are human rights conditional?

When do human rights depend on anything else other than being human?

True equality means treating ALL human beings equally-- that they all have human rights.

It depends on nothing else.