Friday, February 06, 2009

Abortion and the Holocaust...the analogy holds

The Chronicle Herald:

"To compare a legal and medical procedure, whether you agree with the law or not, with the systematic murder of six million men, women and children simply because they were Jews, is wrong and totally unacceptable to the Jewish community," says Jon Goldberg, executive director of the Atlantic Jewish Council.

The experimentation on Jews was a legal and medical procedure. The unborn are experimented on because they are the unborn.

People who do not like the abortion/holocaust analogy do not want to see what the analogy is.

All analogies break down, but there are many points of comparison between the two.

Georgia Schurman, a coordinator at the SMU women's centre, is "horrified" by the comparison.

"This is hate speech being paraded as freedom of speech," she says. "Comparing a woman's right to choose with the systematic murder and torture of millions is completely reprehensible and just plain awful."

Once again, a left-winger defines "hate" as anything he disagrees with.

No, it's not the woman's right to choose that's being compared.

It's the way society dehumanizes the unborn that is being compared to the way other societies have dehumanized human beings.

But supporters of legal abortion do not want to get the analogy.

Women should always have the right to choose what they want to do with their body, and should also have a campus that respects that legal choice."

Why do we need to protect the lily-white minds of women from big bad controversial ideas? Are women such delicate flowers that they cannot confront the ugly truth about abortion?

"(Such images) diminish the unthinkable nature of the Holocaust and trivialize and demean the horror of its hate and evil," he says.

It only diminishes the Holocaust in the minds of those who do not think the killing the unborn is not a horror. It is precisely because the Holocaust was so horrible that the comparison is made.

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