Monday, February 23, 2009

The Abortion Ideology's Achilles Heel: Relativism

Julie Culshaw writes about a talk Jojo Ruba gave at an event sponsored by the Knights of Columbus in Halifax.

Jojo talked a lot about the pervasiveness of relativism in our society; if something is wrong for you, well that is just your opinion and you don't have the right to shove your view on me. Well, that is okay if we are talking about flavours of ice cream, but when we get to moral issues like life and death, relativism simply doesn't work. As Jojo pointed out, just telling someone they can't force their view on someone else is, in itself, forcing your view on someone else. Relativism is self-defeating, it isn't workable in reality. He related an incident in which Father Frank Pavone was talking and half a dozen pro-choice women were sitting in the front row. One of them said "you can't force your beliefs on me, what you think is wrong is wrong for you, but not for me". Father Pavone, without speaking, proceeded to pick up her purse and to take things out and put them in his pocket. The girl said "you can't do that, that is mine". To which Father Pavone replied "are you telling me it is wrong?"

Relativists get stuck at this point, because you simply cannot get anywhere if you insist there is no right and wrong, that it all depends on the individual. There are, in fact, definite rights and wrongs and no society can exist without moral guidelines.

People may say that morality is relative. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY with a conscience operates on that premise.

It is therefore a lie. Morality MUST BE universal, on the basis that all human beings are of the same nature and therefore operate the same way, need the same things and require the same rights and freedoms to have those things.

It's not rocket science.

That is why "choice" is inadequate. Because "choice" is invalid when it comes to moral issues. You do not have the choice to abuse, rob or kill people.

And you do not have the "choice" to treat those who ARE human as NON-human.

Which is what the abortion ideology does. It says: you have the right to consider some human beings as non-human beings.

In fact, it says that EVEN IF the unborn children are full person, the State has an obligation to treat them as non-persons, for the sake of keeping abortion legal.

Of course, this can open up a huge can of worms. What other human beings must be treated as non-human because it's more convenient for another more powerful group?

Moral relativism: it doesn't work. It will be the downfall of the "choice" ideology.