Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feminists: Not dismissive of women at all...yeah right

It seems that the SOLAs at Dammit Janet were quite annoyed at my post stating that the real oppressors of women are those who say abortions did not hurt them.

Nothing makes me crazier than the preposterous claim from anti-feminists that feminists don't care about women.

Feminists care about their ideology. They care about about those segments of women that help their ideology. They do not care about those women who do not advance their ideology.

Forbye the facts that feminists pioneered voting rights, pay equity, quality childcare, abused women's shelters, rape crisis centres, etc., etc.

Except for perhaps pay equity (which I would not consider an accomplishment)--- how come they always have to go back at least twenty years to speak of feminism's accomplishments?

Sounds like feminism is becoming irrelevant. But I digress...

you know, actual rights and services for women, these misogynist maroons

See what I mean...I am a woman, but somehow, I am a misogynist. How can I hate my own gender? Are they certain I am a self-hating woman? Are all women who oppose feminism misogynists?

See. It's about ideology. Not actual women. In order to be a worthy woman, you must be either a feminist, or the object of a feminist's concern.

Well, you see, SHE is lying again.

Well, that's all fern hill can do. Talk about lying liars lying their lies because the only way to show a lying liar is lying their lies is to use the word "lie" a lot like a magic spell, and it will make it so.

Freak out, be really angry when you post, use SHRIEK a lot, employ bad satire, vulgar words, and you get your point across.

So they think.

It is true that the pro-choice movement was late to this party.

No kidding. Because admitting that abortion causes mental health issues would be extremely inconvenient now, wouldn't it? It was only because pro-lifers acknowledged and accepted without judgment the pain of these women that the feminists were forced to act for ideological purposes.

In fact, fern hill wonders:

Anybody know of Canadian initiatives in this area?

The concern for women is just overpowering. A plugged feminist like fern hill doesn't even know if post-abortion counselling is being done by feminists in Canada.

But the compassion doesn't stop there.

fern hill does not seem to think that the women who come forward with their stories are really worthy witnesses to begin with.

This infuriates me. The compulsory pregnancy gang are using frail, fucked-up women to advance their agenda.

They don't know what they're doing. They're "f*cked up!". These women's isn't really their's made up pain by the pro-life movement...

USING these women is unconscionable. And the incredible -- I don't know what it's called -- absurdity? of using and hurting and manipulating and guilting these women under the rubric that 'abortion hurts women'.

Not dismissive of these women's pain and recovery whatsoever....

And if there's any doubt that the Bread n Roses crowd does not believe in the legitimacy of these women's pain, check out this blogpost title from Birth Pangs:

Postnatal Depression, Unlike Post-abortion Depression, Is Real

Post-abortion trauma. It's an inconvenient truth. Women's experiences are supposed to be of paramount value to feminists, but when they're ideologically inconvenient, these women get pushed aside as insincere, screwed up, manipulated, and generally...


In effect, lying liars lying their lies.