Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Joyce Arthur says the abortion debate is done. I say she's wrong

Joyce Arthur's column in the Winnipeg Free Press smells of desperation.

It's called "The abortion debate is over and done".

She cites all these examples of people debating abortion.

It sounds like we're not done.

She can say that "most people" agree with the abortion law. That's not true, since most people are woefully misinformed.

When people know the truth about the situation of the unborn child in Canada, they are most certainly in favour of legislation.

Medical procedures, however, are governed by policy, not criminal law.

If you practice medicine without a license, you will be charged with a crime. There can be criminal penalties for medical malpractice.

Less than 0.4 per cent of abortions occur after this point, all for compelling reasons such as serious fetal anomalies or life-threatening maternal health problems.

"Serious" doesn't always mean "life-threatening". Down Syndrome babies often get aborted.

And when we don't have an available abortionist for late-term abortion, we send pregnant women to the US at $20 000 a trip.

We're well past debating whether pregnant women are entitled to the same human rights as the rest of us. The Supreme Court has ruled several times that they are, which is why fetuses cannot hold competing rights.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the fetus is not a person because there is no legislation to that effect. The Supreme Court has also ruled that the State has the right to protect the unborn child, especially later in the pregnancy.

Instead, let's address the serious problems faced by women trying to access abortion care.

That's it, just ignore the debate. Impose your will on us.

The debate is about the humanity of the unborn child. And whether all human beings are equal and deserving of rights.

With a 91 per cent pro-choice majority in this country, Canada has a strong mandate to fix these inequities for women, once and for all. Then maybe the "debate" will finally be over.

That's a dishonest use of stats.

Most people favour some legal abortions, but 91-per cent of Canadians do not favour unrestricted abortion, nor do they favour the legal vacuum of the status of the unborn child.