Monday, February 23, 2009

Lefty vs. lefty

In response to CUPE's decision to boycott Israeli universities, Warren Kinsella writes:

First, actively seek to decertify the union, as it has arguably violated its own charter and organized labour charters to which it is a signatory. Second, petition for the termination of collective agreements entered into between CUPE and post-secondary institutions, on the grounds that publicly-funded institutions are not permitted to have contractual relations with entities which actively discriminate.

Interesting. So Warren would deprive CUPE members of their contractual protection for this? Isn't he worried that university professors are going to, you know, work for slave wages?

But seriously, I have to give the guy some credit for opposing anti-semitism. Although, it's, for the most part, probably just words. I can't see CUPE being decertified.

Finally, bring human rights code complaints against them, in as many jurisdictions as possible, because that is the best and most logical forum to confront an outrage like this one.

Pass the popcorn.

Why not just sue them? Sid Ryan and the CUPE crowd have rights, too.

Now I'll be accussed of defending anti-semites. *Roll eyes*.

UPDATE: Just saw these two posts:

Jack of Hearts:

Boycott CUPE. Decertify. Them. All.

Small Dead Animals:

Tell me again, what does this have to do with the advancement of worker's rights in Canada?