Thursday, February 12, 2009

One woman's story of her experience at a Pregnancy Centre

Recently, feminists have been attackin Crisis Pregnancy Centres in the US and have attempted to get them de-funded.

This is another reason why we call them "pro-abortion" and not "pro-choice". Because "choice" would mean allowing women to seek options that they disagree with.

But the only funding they want is for their own agenda.

Clearly, many women have been positively affected and even transformed by their experiences through these agencies.

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, and you an alternative to abortion, you want to know what is possible, you can find it at these pregnancy centres. They make no money off of this, whereas Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have a vested financial interest in seeing you get an abortion.

Jennifer June VanSant testified about her experience of having an abortion and finding help through a pregnancy resource center during her second pregnancy.


Her testimony, as excerpted below, reads: "I have come here today to share my story. My hope is that you will find it to be one of hope and that you will be able to recognize the challenges and benefits to my decisions. …

"Several years ago, I was addicted to drugs. I used daily and was not interested in any sort of rehabilitation or treatment. When I found myself pregnant I was upset but I only gave one option any thought. I was not willing to quit using and so I decided very matter of factly to have an abortion. At this point, I did not believe that it was possible to have a viable pregnancy. Using a Baltimore clinic, I scheduled an appointment one day and had the procedure the next. When I arrived I sat in a large waiting room filled with people and we all seemed to be called back rather rapidly. When it was my turn, I was asked a few questions and given Zanax. The Zanax mixed with the other drugs I already had in my system. The interaction of these drugs left me physically and emotionally numb. I returned to the waiting room. ‘Scary Movie 2’ was being shown on the television in the waiting room. In retrospect, I find the choice of this movie to be quite ironic.

“The procedure lasted maybe 5 minutes. Looking back that seems like such a short period of time. In only 5 minutes, a person’s entire lifetime was erased. After that I left and it was done. At this point I was not conscious or sober enough to recognize the ramifications of my decision, nor did anyone at this clinic present them to me. In fact most of the people I encountered there seemed sad and unhappy. I really didn’t think much about the decision I had made. Three days later I was using even more heavily, spiraled further into the cycle of addiction and chose not to deal with any of the physical and emotional results of my decisions. …

"Two years later I was still using and became pregnant again. This time I was so out of touch with reality that I was in complete denial for the beginning of the pregnancy. In the back of my mind I knew I was pregnant and didn’t want to believe it! I thought I might kill myself. I was still heavily under the influence of drugs and addiction. I didn’t know what to do. However, even in my compromised state I clearly knew the difference between the abortion and Bowie Crofton. I agreed to go to an appointment my mother arranged for me at a pregnancy clinic in Bowie, Maryland to see if my pregnancy was viable. I remember entering and feeling like everyone was looking at me. Now, I know that to be the paranoia of a severely addicted user. After greeting me, I waited for a few moments before a young lady my age walked me back to a room. It was nicely decorated, like a home. Emily was kind, considerate, and patient. While at this particular time, I was rude, disrespectful, and terrified.

“She began by clearly informing me what would happen during my visit. I would have a pregnancy test, she and I would talk, and then I would be given a sonogram joined by my mother if I so wished. Emily and I talked about my circumstance, my boyfriend (who didn’t know I was pregnant), my desire to terminate once again, and what life would look like if I chose to become a parent. I could not even grasp the idea. I recall asking Emily several questions. The most important one to me was, ‘How could she relate at all to my circumstance?’ In a gentle, non-forceful way, she shared with me her story about her adopted brother. I listened and took it all in. We did not talk about God; Emily knew at that point I was not interested in hearing about that. We did talk about abortion since I had already had one. No decisions were made. Emily just listened. She asked questions that made me think, which made me really not like her because the last thing I wanted to do was really think about this decision."

"Then I met Nancy, the sonogram nurse. I was embarrassed by the size of my belly which proved me to be further along than I had expected! The moment came to view the fetus on the monitor. She asked if I wanted to look. I refused. A few moments later I could not deny the deep loud heartbeat as I turned my face to see. A tear streamed down my cheek. I turned my head, shocked that I could actually see any resemblance to a human being. Nancy spoke briefly to the health of the baby and what would be necessary to provide the optimum health for the child. Nancy told me about State funding because I did not have a job or insurance to pay for medical expenses. She emphasized the need for proper prenatal medical care and prenatal vitamins.

“As I got dressed, I cried tears of relief because these people gave me a sense that it was going to be all right. Even though I wasn’t completely convinced, no final decisions had been made. The only immediate decision I made was a vow that from the moment I saw him I would stop using drugs while I was pregnant. The next few days were hard as I occasionally glanced at the sonogram photograph and it became real. Also, the sound of the heartbeat in my head echoed over and over again. Finally, after many sleepless nights and a lot of prayer, I decided to have my child. I also decided further along in my pregnancy that I was not ready to be a parent and would make an adoption plan for my son. …

"The next few months were hard, as was the first day and many following days after leaving the hospital. My strength was not my own. Through this experience my faith was renewed. God was faithful and His Love endured. Emily called me several times during my pregnancy and was always encouraging. I also received cards and notes from others at Bowie Crofton simply telling me that they were thinking of me and the baby and hoping we were well. It meant a lot to know that the Bowie Crofton team cared about me even after I had left their facility. …

"It is my pleasure to support the work of Bowie Crofton. All of the people who work there know my son by name and they know our story. I am honored to know this group of people and believe that what they do makes a positive difference in the lives of people facing an unplanned pregnancy. …

”My life today is far more superior than I could have ever imagined, which I believe is a direct result of the positive choice I made. Thanks to the accurate information given to me by the expert, caring staff in the form of my one-on-one pregnancy counseling, pregnancy test, licensed medical sonogram, information about prenatal care, and State funding all given to me free of charge -- my son and I are alive today. I am a living example of the power of what they do. And so is my son."