Saturday, February 28, 2009

So much for "choice"

From the 40 Days for Life Day 2 report:

At one point, a young woman came out for a cigarette and started chatting with the security guard. She mentioned that the staff take the brochures away from them as soon as they enter, claiming it’s for their own good, so as not to upset them. How patronizing! Imagine, the very people who have everything to gain if these women choose abortion are telling them what’s good for them or not. They are censoring what they can read while they’re waiting. So much for choice. Of course, I saw it first hand yesterday when one of the staffers took it out of the hands of a woman about to enter. She didn’t ask for her to hand it over, she just took it right out of her hands. I guess they don’t realize how overbearing they come across, so caught up in their ideology, afraid of someone getting any bit of information that doesn’t come from them.

I guess these abortion clinic people don't really believe in women's autonomy.