Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taxpayer-funded feminist mag: sex-selection abortion is genocide

As I was browsing older posts on my French blog, Le ciel est bleu, I came across this post about an issue of La Gazette des femmes, a magazine put out by the Conseil du statut de la femme, the Quebec version of the "Status of Women" agency.

This press release highlights some of the articles in a 2007 issue.

À lire enfin, un reportage dramatique et troublant sur l'avortement sélectif des fœtus féminins en Inde. Écrit par Karina Marceau, « La fin des filles » est un appel vibrant pour que cesse ce véritable génocide.

A véritable génocide.

What? Are those women who abort the fetuses complicit in genocide, now?

Is this Karine Marceau a hate speech perpetrator?

I know that there will be divisions among left-wing readers. Some will say she's propagating hate speech. Others won't.

But that's the danger of re-defining everything one disagrees with as hate speech-- it becomes impossible to criticize or think outside the box.

Identity politics has made legitimate criticism of a group's behaviour impossible. Any criticism is labelled "hate speech" by those who want to silence the opposition.

Karine Marceau made a big mistake in calling it a "génocide"-- from the standpoint of political correctness.

She will eventually be silenced. Because to question a woman's choice-- even a bad one-- is anti-woman. She's denying the autonomy of the women who deliberately chose a sex-selection abortion. That makes her a misogynist.