Friday, February 06, 2009

Wanted: Rich People

Couldn't agree more!

I’m calling on wealthy conservatives everywhere to please step forward and donate to the grass roots of the Republican Party. Fund our version of websites like Media Matters and Let’s get a conservative movie fund going and actually produce some indie films like “Fireproof” and then self-release so we can tout their financial success as front page news. We need to set up shop outside of Hollywood and bring back the studio system in some way. We need to create our own movie stars and pop culture heroes. In short, we need to create our own free Hollywood. Sound impossible? It’s not. If we build it…

If we act now, the liberal dream machine can be brought down. When conservatives storm the pop culture battlefield, unified and financed for the fight, it will be a shock and awe to the Left that will take them generations to recover from.

I would also add that in Canada, we need conservative foundations to fund every manner of conservative research and the arts.