Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woman conceived in rape bears witness


In 1956 Ann was walking home from watching The Ten Commandments when she was raped by 8 men. Soon she would have a decision to make. After finding out she was pregnant she was told she should have an abortion. But her words in a television interview on the day she met Juda were"I couldn't kill a puppy or a kitten so I couldn't kill a baby!" Ann met a priest that helped her find an unwed mothers' home. So she stayed there until she gave birth to a little girl on Valentine's Day. She didn't want to give her away but she knew she couldn't keep her. A woman at the home snuck Juda in to visit her mom each day for 2 weeks. This was a big no-no and the bond had been formed. Ann would have to wait 48 yrs. to see her baby once more.


What were the circumstances of her conception? I wanted to know the truth. Ann had no hesitations telling me that she had been raped by 8 men. As I buried my face in her lap and cried deeply, Ann patted me on the back."Honey, don't cry. I've forgiven those men and look what God has done. He's brought you back to me. God is faithful!" Wow! What power in those words. And so the two of us thanked God for all He had done. We spent the rest of the day telling everyone else about God's goodness and even did a news interview.

H/T: Values Voter News