Sunday, March 01, 2009

Feminists to protest Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the States

It appears that the Feminist Majority Foundation feels that Crisis Pregnancy Centers are a threat.

Seems like the only choice they want is the choice to have an abortion and the choice to believe their side of the issue, and not ours.

So they're going to protest on April 13th. They're upset that these are "fake clinics".

As if we'd want to be known as REAL abortion clinics. But whatever.

Not very pro-choice, if you ask me. But it's never been about choice. That's why we call them "pro-abortion".

I'd listen to the Chris Rock video, but the kids are around, and while I can stand most swearing, there comes a saturation point for me. Sometimes he has interesting things to say, but it's so laced in gunk.