Friday, March 27, 2009

It's not over yet for George Tiller

As any pro-lifer who's been on the net today knows,late-term abortionist George Tiller was acquitted of 19 charges in reference to his relationship to Ann Neuhaus.

I read a bunch of reactions from feminists were just thrilled that this man would continue to inject potassium chloride in their hearts. Who cares about these babies, right?

But they shouldn't be too ecstatic.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has released to the public a petition it filed in December listing eleven allegations against Tiller’s license.

According to Operation Rescue:

According to a statement released by the KSBHA, “Violations alleged include performing an abortion on a fetus that was viable without having a documented referral from another physician not legally or financially affiliated with him; unprofessional or dishonorable conduct or professional incompetency; and commitment of acts likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public.”

A viable fetus. You got that? That's a fetus past 24 weeks.

And what if it is true?

Do you think feminists care about the viable fetus who was killed in the process?

Why of course not. That's the woman's choice. Late-term abortion should be safe, legal, free and accessible, even if the feminist disagree with it. The baby? Well tough luck, baby. You have to die. A woman's will is more valuable than a baby's life.

Even Morgentaler wouldn't do abortions on babies this late, and if a woman in a third-trimester pregnancy came to him wanting an abortion he'd persuade her to not abort.

George Tiller is worse than Morgentaler, in that regard.

The feminists do not have the conscience to step up to the plate and at least stand up for the right to life of babies this late. Many disagree that babies this late should be aborted. The baby deserves some value, but since a woman's opinion matters more than a baby's life, they can't push for protection of the unborn.

Oh, oh right. Viable babies are never aborted.

We'll see about that.

UPDATE: I read the petition. It's just awful.

The impression that I get is that Tiller is in the business of aborting the babies of adolescents who simply waited too late to get an abortion (for the most part).

I will list the ages of the mother, and the gestational ages of the fetuses that were killed, according to each count.

COUNT 1: 14 years old, 26 weeks

COUNT 2: 10 years old, 28 weeks

COUNT 3: 15 years old, 26 weeks

COUNT 4: 15 years old, 28 weeks

COUNT 5: 15 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 6: 14 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 7: 15 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 8: 13 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 9: 15 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 10: 18 years old, 25 weeks

COUNT 11: 16 years old, 29 weeks

You'd think that at 25 weeks, if the mother really was in trouble, they would just deliver the babies.

But no. They can't just deliver the babies. They have to make sure they end up dead.

Tough luck for those babies, though! They have to be killed. Millions of Americans are waiting to adopt, but these babies had to be killed for whatever reason.

This is just atrocious. This is what feminists support:

It's just a baby. Not as important as the woman bearing it. She has to be able to kill to assert her own autonomy.

What a sick philosophy.